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Why You Should Upgrade to Solar Panels in 2024

Make Over £400 a Year With Solar Exports

The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) pays you money for all solar energy exported to the grid. With a cheap 5.5p/kWh rate, you could receive up to £390 a year through your solar panels.* Some of the best rates on the market exceed 15p/kWh.

Save up to 86% on Your Energy Bills

By making use of solar panels and an accompanying battery, you can reduce how much you spend on importing electricity from the grid. Based on the January price cap, exporting any unused energy will save around £829 a year.†

Boost Property Value by up to 14%

On average, solar panels can boost your property value by a staggering £32,159.‡ In fact, solar technology has the power to increase the value of your home anywhere from 4–14%.

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